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Rene Ritchie

May 4, 2020

Ray Zahab… is extreme. Explorer-in-Residence for the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, he’s not content to simply run marathons or ultra-marathons. To bike trails or mountains. No, Ray wants to run and bike continents. Put foot and wheel to the world.

The Sahara Desert. 70 kilometers a day for 111 days. 400 kilometers across Canada. The arctic. Namibia. Baffin Island. The Kamchatka peninsula in Russia. Death Valley. The Amazon. And the list goes on and on.

What I love most about Ray, though, is that he doesn’t just go off on all these grand, extreme adventures alone. It isn’t just about beating nature or himself. No, his non-profit, impossible2Possible, brings students from around the world along with him, sometimes physically, often virtually. It lets them be be part of the adventure.

And he uses a lot of Apple technology to do it: the Mac to edit and share videos and chats, the iPhone to record his explorations, and the Apple Watch to literally help keep him alive.

What Ray does is fascinating and inspiring, but I just had to find out more about how and why he does it.



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